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Our modern day SYMPOSIUM is situated in Platanias, a highly touristy area, minutes away from the main city of Hania. Platanias, becomes the home for European visitors for the best part of the summer. Symposium opened its doors in 1998, aiming and succeeding in providing an exclusive cuisine, the best service and a most relaxing atmosphere for our clientele. Our customers are referred to us by word of mouth, which has proven to be the best form of advertisement for us.
What do we offer?
Initially, it is our friendly and warm atmosphere that strikes our customers. Symposium offers both an interior and an al fresco area where you can feel the, where you can feel the breeze of the beautiful Greek summer nights, while enjoying your dinner with the service of our friendly, bilingual staff. The best we have to offer though, is our cuisine. You can enjoy Mediterranean and European meals, alongside our traditional Cretan cuisine.
A Taste of Excellence - Symposium Restaurant

A Taste of Excellence

Today that people are aware of what a healthy diet really means, our visitors enjoy pure products such as extra virgin olive oil, pure Greek feta and fresh free range meats... We offer exactly what we enjoy having on a daily basis… Just think of the reports on Cretan diet and the statistics on our health!

Everything is freshly made and we cater for vegetarians, meat and fish lovers, customers with gluten intolerance and customers who…. dare to try anything new and traditional. Symposium is one of the highest profile restaurants in Platanias and the whole of the island of Crete where, rest assured, if you visit it once we guarantee you will come back again!
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The Ancient Symposium - Symposium Restaurant
Our name is based on the idea of the Ancient Greek SYMPOSIUM. The ideal SYMPOSIUM in Ancient Greece was almost like a ritual. Its aim was to savor the aesthetic pleasure of the wine, to be intoxicated just enough to relax and release the mind from inhibition, and to stimulate conversation. It was a social institution where great philosophers and great thinkers were having deep and meaningful conversations stimulating the mind.
We ended up eating here twice during the week we stayed in Plantanias because the food was so good. If you have room for an appetizer they have the best garlic bread I ever tried.
Best restaurant in Platania. Finally back for another visit after the Pandemic and notes that they are still of a high standard. A little ratty on the dessert side but when it's strawberry season, the best one will surely return.
Very good food and service! Spare ribs were the best ribs i have ever eaten and my boyfriend liked very much shrimp pasta and said it was the best restaurant dish ever!
I had Mamas meal and my partner had Spare ribs. Both was very tasty with tender meat and perfect cooked vegetables. Very recommended.
We went to Symposium this , our last evening, and ordered salmon and bars, it was very well cooked and a delicious meal. Thank you
Excellent food! The restaurant was very busy, but we managed to get the table outside. One hour wait but it was totally worth it!
Have been here three or four times, now in June at the latest. The place is easily accessible and has an exquisite and varied menu. Fast and friendly service. The cuisine is at an international level, and the wine knowledge and selection is really good.
We had an apperticer, dinner and a dessert. Apperticer was bruscetta and shrimps, a good warmup for a perfect night. The dinner was amazing. We had beef (white and black and red whine) and lamb shank. It was the best dinner experience here in Crete so far, and for dessert we had ice cream and coffeé with a really good atmosfare and a nice talk.Our waiter (Andreas) was really professionall, humble and nice to talk with.We had a 10/10 dinner here. Thank you!
What a great visit! Lovely staff, the food was delicious, cozy atmosphere! Flowers and headlamps
This was definitely the best food experience in Platanias. The ambiance was great, the drinks were supernice, and the food was great! I had a "starter" which I guess should have been a shared one that was so big I almost had no place for main course. That greek salad and my veggie pasta was superb. My boyfriend decided on meat and he was super-pleased also