The Ancient Symposium

Our name is based on the idea of the Ancient Greek SYMPOSIUM. The ideal SYMPOSIUM in Ancient Greece was almost like a ritual. Its aim was to savor the aesthetic pleasure of the wine, to be intoxicated just enough to relax and release the mind from inhibition, and to stimulate conversation. It was a social institution where great philosophers and great thinkers were having deep and meaningful conversations stimulating the mind.
The SYMPOSIUM belonged exclusively to the privilege elite and it was characterized by its philosophical and political conversation and creative competition, in which elegies were sung to the accompaniment of a FLUTE and LYRIC songs by the LYRE. The SYMPOSIUM usually took place in the ANDRON the men’s room, the most well-appointed room in the house. Its activities were dictated by a symposiarch, which decided up on the entertainment for the occasion and even how much water would be mixed with the wine.
The Symposium might end with the comus , a boisterous procession of revelers, accompanied by music and singing in honour of the GODS, to yet another drinking PARTY.
Unlike Ancient Greeks we cater for.... all sexes without a symposiarch to.... water down your wine!!!! Come and join our daily Symposiums and you will never regret it.